This Ain't BC

This Ain't BC

Perpetually broke--and perpetually busy--college student. Is often defeated by the internet, social situations, and inanimate objects, not necessarily in that order.

Danny Bhoy - Live at the Apollo [x]
└ You know you can’t use offensive language in Qatar. You can’t swear in public 

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Happy Birthday, Colorado! On this day in 1876, Colorado became a state; we celebrate with a amazing photos from Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area - one of our favorites. 

The scenic quality of the Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area in Colorado is outstanding due to the interaction of mountainous landforms; multi-colored rock strata; diverse vegetation; and vast, open vistas. Handies Peak itself rises 14,048 feet over the area and is the highest point of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management outside of Alaska. This WSA also hosts 12 other peaks that rise over 13,000 feet, three major canyons, numerous small drainages, glacial cirques and three alpine lakes. The landscape a variety of volcanic, glacial and Precambrian formations. A rock glacier formation is also located at the head of American Basin.

This is an area perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain climbing and photography.  Guaranteed to inspire!

Photos by Bob Wick, Wilderness Specialist for BLM’s National Conservation Lands


(you can get it ALL back)

hawkeye #19

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My favourite thing about Orlando Bloom punching Justin bieber are the write ups about it in newspapers. Because nearly ever single one is like ‘hunky Orlando Bloom punches brat Justin Bieber’. Everyone hates him so much.

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*misplaces one finger on keyboard* *windows 8 opens up start menu, does a search, opens up microsoft word, automatically types “fuck you” 37 times, notifies the nsa, notifies obama, shuts off and self destructs*

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has anyone posted this yet because this is pure gold

Thank you, Matilda.

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?


i don’t get it????

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  • luna lovegood has dirty blonde hair (book 5, chapter 10)
  • lily potter has dark red hair (book 1, chapter 12)
  • neville longbottom has blond hair (JKR interview)
  • hermione granger has bushy hair (book 1, chapter 6)
  • james potter is tall (book 1, chapter 12)
  • at seventeen, harry potter is the same height as his father so he is also tall (book 7, chapter 34)
  • peter pettigrew is fat (book 3, chapter 10)
  • severus snape has yellow-ish teeth (book 3, chapter 14)
  • ginny weasley is fucking awesome (books 1-7)

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The Secret Of Life by Faith Hill

studiously does not engage



feeling intimidated by people you want to be really good friends with


#feeling intimidated by people you’re already friends with

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